Goldman Sachs, an American multinational investment banking and financial services company based in New York, has got a taste for Subway. We're not talking about buying a bagel but taking over the entire Subway chain.


 The popular fast food chain is likely to change hands. The well-known Goldman Sachs Group has also expressed interest in the purchase with an estimated price tag of $10 billion. But it is not the only one, Bain Capital, TPG and TDR Capital are also interested in buying the legendary Subway. The reason for the possible sale of this company probably won't surprise anyone, as it's mostly about rising costs and increasing competition from rivals with larger financial resources.

However, nothing is certain. It is more or less speculation for the time being, as the fast food chain has not indicated when or if the sale will happen at all. The company reported a 9.2 percent same-store sales growth for 2022 and has more than 37,000 restaurants in more than 100 countries.