Thomas Schmall, a member of the board, announced on Monday that the production of 240 GWh of battery cells, which the car company primarily focuses on in Europe, will be covered until 2028. The plant in Salzgitter in Germany is currently confirmed, as Northvolt's plant in Sweden and the plant in Valencia, which should start operating as early as 2026.


Schmall added that the company's production goals could be met even with a smaller number of production plants than originally planned. The final number will depend individually on the incentive strategies of the given countries. That is not decided for now.



In North America, demand for battery cells with a power capacity ranging from 60 to 100-gigawatt hours is expected. However, the company's CEO did not provide more information about how much of this capacity will be provided by plants owned by Volkswagen. Following this information, he clarified that it was a misunderstanding when the new plants in North America related to the fact that, based on this expansion, the production volume in Europe would decrease. Volkswagen is still waiting to see what position Europe will take on the American Inflation Reduction Act (IRA).